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Teh Plink Plink

Turn That Clock Off!

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Welcome to Plink Plink, a 24 role-playing game. Plink Plink has a semi-AU plot two years after season 2. Although this RPG is AU, please try to stick to canon. Relationships as they exist in canon should exist in the RPG—which means no slash, or Jack/Nina. Characters should also be as in character as possible.

Entries should be primarily written as regular, first person journal entries. No third person, fic-like entries allowed unless absolutely necessary (as in, you are writing a scene that would not necessarily be recounted in a journal entry, either involving your character or other characters linked to yours), and should be hidden behind a LJ entry marked “FIC.”

If your character’s plot will directly involve another character, please notify the respective players. You do not need to notify the players who are not directly involved in the plot.

Please do try to update regularly. If we don’t hear for you in over a month, we may have to poke you with something sharp, shiny and hot to make sure you are still alive. Otherwise, enjoy playing the game!

Tony Almeida: mr_almeida
Jack Bauer: lit_geek
Kim Bauer: queenoftrouble
Ryan Chappelle: teh_chappelle
Michelle Dessler: i_cant_cook
Chase Edmunds: onehandedwonder
Adam Kaufmann: datawrangler
George Mason: george_mason
Chloe O'Brien: _ctunerdling_
Hugo Serrano: hugoserrano

President David Palmer
Sherry Palmer
Nina Myers
Ramon Salazar
Andrew Paige


Please send the following to 24@revolutionaryuplift.com:

Name/LJ name:
Y!M/AOL screenname:
E-Mail address:
Desired Character:
Writing Sample: (Must be an example of how your character would write a LiveJournal entry.)